Apple's iPhone big in the States, Android dominating everywhere else

Apple's iPhone big in the States, Android dominating everywhere else
The latest statistical data for November is out and it shows a curious disparity in the smartphone market - while Apple dominates the U.S. market and grew its sales there, in Europe the picture is the complete opposite and Android reigns supreme.

Data from researchers from Kantar analyzing the 12-week period ending November 25 showed the iPhone surge to grab a record 53% share of the U.S. market and up from 37% last year.

Android on the other hand has gone down in share to 42% from its commanding 53% share in the same period last year.

Big news is that RIM has lost a huge chunk of its market share and from 7%, now only holds 1.4% of the market.

On the other side of the pond it’s a whole different story. Europe’s biggest markets like Germany and France are dominated by Android. Spain is one glaring example of a country that just does not like the iPhone. There, Apple’s smartphone share dropped to a bottom low of 4.4% while Android took a whopping 84.1% of the market.

Take a look for yourself right below.

source: Kantar via Business Insider


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