Apple's App Store and Android land as top 2 on Wired Magazine's list

Apple's App Store and Android land as top 2 on Wired Magazine's list
Although in many parts of the world thereseems to be an economic crises, but that has not put a stop toinnovation and creation. With time, phones have become faster and more productive making an individual a lot more mobile than before.

Wired Magazine has come out with their list of the breakthrough technologies for 2008. With the list containing everything from USB 3.0 to flexible displays, the telecommunication industry has landed the top 2 spots thanks to the Android OS and Apple's App store.

Apple's App Store
Inthe previous years the developers have always faced a problem ingetting their software to the consumers, resulting in having to gothrough carriers. The Apple's App Store has been a positivebreakthrough which eliminated the excess carriers and has allowedconsumers to directly get software from developers. The App store havecompletely changed the way phones are used, allowing you to store yourpersonal data, access to utilities, hand tools and many otherbeneficial products which have turned a basic phone into a proper communication device.

A large number of handset makers have beentrying to add Android to their line-up. The G1 was the first one tocome forward with Google's free and new OS. Being an open source based system, it has a large growing developer community and a high number of mobilephone manufacturers are promising to introduce more Android phones in 2009.

source: Wired via Intomobile

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