Apple's '3D Touch' tech supplier gives the feature 3 years to go from 'nice to have' to 'must have'

Apple's '3D Touch' tech supplier gives the feature 3 years to go from 'nice to have' to 'must have'
The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus' new 3D Touch feature has been well-marketed by Apple and well received by users and the industry in general, so all the hype surrounding it does make sense. Somewhere along the way, though, Apple's touch component supplier — TPK — chimed in with the sobering suggestion that it may take as many as three years for 3D Touch to really turn popular and take off among app developers.

CEO Michael Chung explained that each new technology takes close to a year to form an eco-system, followed by entering a high growth stage. Thus, Mr. Chung doesn't expect a large number of apps to utilize Apple's technology for the time being, and forecasts reaching large-scale growth will take at least three years. There won't be many apps that use force touch throughout 2016, he reckons.

However, the reason for TPK's gloomy prediction has more than a little bit to do with the difficult situation touch technology suppliers have found themselves in. They compete with newcomers and display panel makers in a market that seems to be rich with options for touch-integrated products. Even TPK, which is supposed to be loaded now that Apple has become its large-scale customer, is still struggling to turn a profit. However, the company intends to continue developing advanced touch technology, and to work closely with its customers in the process of product development.

Still, Mr. Chung's 3D Touch prognosis seems to resonate with the sentiments of PhoneArena's iPhone 6s/6s Plus camp. We recently polled our audience about how often they use 3D Touch, and the voting options that landed the most hits were "Just to show it off to friends and family" and "What's 3D Touch?" Although successful as a whole, Apple's innovative feature seems to have planted itself in the "nice to have" category, rather than the "killer functionality" one for the time being. Let's see now if it will really take 3 years for 3D Touch to gain hyperspeed!

source: CTimes via G For Gadgets


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