Apple working on bringing glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch

Apple working on bringing glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch
It is hardly a secret that health-related features are one of the main selling points of the Apple Watch. From monitoring heart rate, though blood oxygen, to sleeping time, Apple’s wearable can be an indispensable ally for health-conscious users.

The Cupertino company understands this very well, which is why it is continuously working on improving said functionality and implementing more health-related features. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has hit ‘major milestones’ in the development of a blood glucose monitoring technology that could eventually make its way to the Apple Watch.

Through a process called optical absorption spectroscopy a precise measurement of glucose levels is possible even without a blood sample. Currently, the prototype device is ‘about the size of an iPhone’ according to Gurman, so more work will be needed before the technology becomes usable in wearables.

Nevertheless, Apple is determined to ‘eventually bring glucose monitoring to the market’. Such a feature would be a game changer and could potentially make the Apple Watch invaluable to many suffering from diabetes and other related conditions.

By now, the Apple Watch has existed for the better part of a decade and, during this lengthy time frame, its purpose has been redefined on a number of occasions. Initially, the Cupertino company wanted to design an ‘iPhone-killer’, a device that could replace your smartphone.

Subsequently, they attempted to transform the Apple Watch into a luxury piece, similar to conventional jewelry. Now, the Apple Watch is officially a health-oriented device above all else. Tim Cook has mentioned that Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind could end up being digital health.

It seems Apple’s CEO had something in mind when he made that statement. It is precisely through such technologies that Apple could consolidate its place in history. It will take time, but, with such vast resources, the Cupertino company might well succeed.

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