Apple to patent method for iPhone to call for Help when stolen

Apple to patent method for iPhone to call for Help when stolen
Your iPhone has been stolen. What do you do? Well, if you're lucky like one victim, the thief could send you a picture of himself, taken with your stolen device. But how often can you count on that happening? Realizing this, Apple engineers went to work and the Mensa members at Cupertino are looking to patent a method that would allow the iPhone to detect force over a pre-determined amount. That would activate a prevention mode and the phone would call or send an e-mail to the proper authorities with its location embedded in the message. At the same time, a lock-down feature could be set off that would prevent the handset from making outgoing calls and prevent sensitive and private data from getting into the wrong hands. In a 12 page filling, Apple noted that the iPhone user would be able to adjust the sensitivity of the settings that would set off the security signal and the lock down feature. It could be based on idle time, vibration or acceleration measured above a specific setting. Next up will be a device that measures acidity in your stomach and orders a pizza automatically. Extra cheese, of course.

source: AppleInsider

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