Apple rumored to be working on an iOS-to-Android migration app

Apple rumored to be working on an iOS-to-Android migration app
Apple already has an app to help Android users who want to switch to an iPhone. Called "Move to iOS," the app is available from the Google Play Store. Using a secure Wi-Fi connection, your pictures, messages and content are sent to your new iPhone. According to a report published today, Apple has been asked by mobile carriers to develop an app that will help iOS users moving to Android. This would move contacts, music and photos from an iPhone, to a handset powered by Google's open source OS.

While it doesn't seem surprising at all for Apple to develop "Move to iOS," creating an app that allows iOS users to escape Apple's clutches does seem out of character for the company. "Move to iOS" is a free app found in the Google Play Store, and we would assume that the iOS-to-Android migration app would be found in the App Store. There is no word on when this title will be launched.

Today's report came out of the U.K. In Europe, the wireless operators are said to be concerned that their customers never switch from the iPhone even if they want to, because "of the hassle of transferring data." The proposed app would make this easier to accomplish.

source: TheInformation via Forbes


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