Apple receives patent for handheld system that remembers your hand

Apple receives patent for handheld system that remembers your hand
Imagine a cell phone that remembers who you are simply from the way you hold the device. Sounds like science-fiction, but Apple has just received a patent for a system that uses capacitive sensors to recognize you from the way you hold a handheld device. Once the unit recognizes who is holding it, buttons can be moved and settings personalized to reflect the way the person using the handheld product likes to have things set up.

If this all sounds far-fetched, earlier this year Apple requested another patent (Cupertino collects them as if they were Pokemon), this one for disappearing buttons. It seems like the perfect personalization system that could lead to phones that lock out all unrecognizable hands, change bookmarks, or even have custom news, weather and sports ready at the touch of the phone. If this does prove to be a viable technology for cell phone use, we will have to hand it to Apple for developing the idea (pun intended).

source: USPTO



2. messiah

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Would this be why the back of the phone is glass? Are the capacitive sensors already there but dormant? Also if it can recognize the way you hold your phone for security purposes ~ which isn't very reliable from laying in bed, walking and talking and sitting browsing all potentially are different poses to hold a phone ~ why don't they just recognize the finger print.... never changes and very reliable.

3. lol unregistered

I really can't see how this could possibly work. How you hold the phone depends on where you are...what you are doing...and so on. I probably hold my phone in 15 different ways on a daily basis. Not to mention you might have less of a grip if you are tired or more of a grip if upset and whatnot. I agree...get a fingerprint scanner for security...this idea seems like fail.

4. erikiksaz1 unregistered

It doesn't matter if it works or not, it'll just be some other super feature of the upcoming iphone that'll get the masses all riled up over nothing. I'm positive they'll attach some catchy name to it though.

1. messiah

Posts: 438; Member since: Feb 19, 2010


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