Apple's new iPad Pro 2018 with USB-C will charge faster with the new brick in the box

Apple's new iPad Pro 2018 with USB-C comes with a faster charger in the box
Apple is slowly beginning to improve the fast charging situation of its gadgets. No, we aren't talking about the iPhones - these still come with a 5W charger in their boxes, and fast-charging will run you $68 extra if you want to get Apple's official 30W charger plus its proprietary USB-PD cable.

What we mean now is that the new iPad Pro which has a standard-fare USB-C connector (praise the charging gods!) is wrapped together with a more powerful 18W charger, compared to the 12W brick that iPads sported until now. This is probably the same 18W charger that a Chinese testing firm leaked not long ago, and was assumed to come packed with the new 2018 iPhones while Apple has apparently destined it for its iPad Pro successors.

Does that mean you can also charge your iPhones faster using the new iPad Pro charger? To a certain extent the answer should be affirmative, though if you want the best fast-charging experience for your iPhone, you'd probably have to splurge for the 30W brick that costs $49.

Our tests with the previous, 12W iPad charger, revealed that it tops up an iPhone much faster than the stock brick, and only a bit slower than the 30W one, so with the fresh 18W one that comes witht the new iPad Pro, you might save on that extra expenditure, too.

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