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18W Type-C fast charger prototype for Apple iPhone leaks; adapter could be bundled with 2018 models

18W Type-C fast charger prototype for Apple iPhone leaks; adapter could be bundled with 2018 models
No one likes looking at their phone every few minutes while it is charging, only to discover that the battery indicator has barely budged. While the 2017 iPhone models do offer fast-charging capabilities, owners of those handsets need to shell out some extra cash to take advantage of it. However, there is possibly good news on the horizon for those who end up buying one of the three rumored new iPhone units later this year.

Images of what is said to be an engineering prototype of an Apple 18W, USB-C fast charger for the iPhone have surfaced. The accessory is expected to come in the box along with the 2018 iPhone units to be launched later this year. It will allow iPhone owners to refresh the battery inside their handsets faster than usual, and do so without requiring the owner of a new iPhone to make any additional purchase. 

If this really is the charger that will come with the next iPhones, it is also safe to assume that the handsets will ship with a USB-C cable in the box. This would mean that besides charging up the battery inside an Apple iPhone at a faster rate, the switch to this new charger will also allow iPhone users to directly plug in their device to a MacBook or a MacBook Pro without the need for a dongle, as both of these laptops use only Type-C USB ports.

The charger that Apple currently puts in the box with the iPhone weighs in at 5W, which is not enough power for the device to charge at its maximum possible speed. Apple did include fast-charging capabilities with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, but the purchase of a more powerful charger with support for a standard called USB Power Delivery is required. Luckily, Apple just happens to sell one in the Apple Store (both physical and online) for $49. That is without the cable, by the way.

The leaked 18W Type-C fast charger has a model number of A-1720 and is marked as an "engineering sample." 

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