Apple launches MobileMe Gallery app

Apple launches MobileMe Gallery app
So were you one of the people who were intrigued and impressed by what MobileMe provides when you first purchased your iPhone?  And do you feel that the $99 cost you paid for it may not fully justify a worthy purchase? Well then you’ll be somewhat glad to hear that you can take advantage of an app that makes use of your costly purchase. Apple has released a MobileMe Gallery app for the iPhone that allows subscribers to access their photos stored on the cloud based system and easily share it. You even have the ability to check out your friends photos as well with it while pinch-zooming and swipe navigation are supported. Even more exciting, we hope, is the fact that you can continue to view photos without a present data connection as long as you’ve looked at the gallery once – Apple probably keeps local caches once it’s been downloaded before. So now you can make some extra use with that $99 subscription you’ve paid for – that’s unless you’re not into photography that is.

source: Apple via SlashGear

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