Apple striking down apps that share your location with third parties

Apple striking down apps that share your location with third parties
Between the Cambridge Analytica – Facebook scandal and Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation law taking effect soon, privacy is yet again a hot topic in our digital world. Apple has always been quite vocal about protecting their users' data and it seems it's making another sweep to enforce its rules right now.

Apparently, Cupertino is currently re-evaluating the many apps throughout the App Store that share user data. Up until this point, these were allowed as long as the user gives consent for the location to be used.

Now, Apple is one-upping the rules, saying that the developers need to inform the users for the exact reasons the location data is required. Furthermore, location data can only be used for the purpose of improving app performance and user experience.

In other words, Apple is swinging the hammer at apps that use your location for data-mining and unsolicited third-party advertisements.

source: 9to5Mac


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