Apple is committed to excellence, looking forward, says Tim Cook

Apple is committed to excellence, looking forward, says Tim Cook
Tim Cook spoke at the Goldman Sachs Technology Conference yesterday for the first time as head of Apple, and while there were no new announcements or any other breath-taking unveilings, Cook had plenty of interesting things to say about how Apple works as a company and what are some of its plans.

Cook took a strong stand for the unique culture of Apple which Steve Jobs built - a company centered around only a few products, and not products that would simply sell well, but such that “can make a significant contribution to society.” That’s the ideology that has brought the iPhone and the iPad, two recent devices that have practically opened up new markets after their launch.

Tim Cook also expressed his deep concern for each and every Apple employee, about employee safety and even education. 

Cook’s composure and focus on the future is best seen in his comments about the historic quarter Apple just had: “37 million is a big number. It was a decent quarter.”

Below you’ll find an excerpt of the interview, explaining how Apple differs from other companies, and for the full interview head to the source link below.

source: MacRumors


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