Apple improves Apple Care+ battery coverage on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Apple improves Apple Care+ battery coverage on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
Apple Care+ is an extended warranty that adds two years of coverage to your Apple iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It gives owners of the Apple Watch Edition smartwatch three years of extended coverage. Originally, Apple Care+ would replace any of the covered devices once the cell could no longer hold a charge of more than 50% of the original specifications. But Apple has quietly made a change that improves the value of the extended warranty.

Now, Apple will cover a battery that cannot hold a charge greater than 80% of the part's original specs. That means instead of waiting for your battery to lose 50% of its capability, you are covered if it loses just 20% of its capacity. Apple says that it will fix the defect for free with new parts or parts that are equivalent to new in performance. Or if that can't be accomplished, it will replace the covered product for free with a new unit or one that is equivalent to new in performance. 

The cost of Apple Care+ is $99 for an Apple iPhone or iPad. For Apple Watch, it depends on the model you own. The range starts at $49 for an Apple Watch Sport model and runs as high as $1600 for an Apple Watch Edition timepiece. Out of warranty battery replacement costs $79 for the iPhone and Apple Watch and $99 for the iPad.

source: PCMag


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