iPhone Xs Max could be the name of Apple's best phone yet


Next week, on September 12, Apple is expected to announce three brand new smartphones, allegedly including two high-end iPhone Xs models - a 5.8-inch one, and a 6.5-inch one. An image reportedly showing both iPhone Xs variants - seen above - was revealed at the end of August, allowing us to assume that the handsets shouldn't look too different from the iPhone X. We also assumed that the new 6.5-inch Apple device would be called iPhone Xs Plus, but that may not be the case.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple plans to use the name iPhone Xs Max for its upcoming large handset. As you may know, until now, Apple differentiated its big phones from the small, regular models by adding Plus to their names - iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and so on. A change from Plus to Max would further underline the separation between the iPhone X series and virtually all previous iPhones.

If Apple adopts this name, it will certainly pronounce it iPhone ten-es Max, since the current iPhone X is officially pronounced iPhone ten. But this will probably not stop people from calling the handset iPhone ex-es Max.

Naming aside, the iPhone Xs Max is likely to become Apple's best smartphone yet. All iPhone Plus models released until now have advantages over their smaller brothers (like dual rear cameras or longer-lasting batteries), being top-of-the-range models. We're guessing that the same will happen with the new 6.5-inch iPhone, which should be superior - even if just barely - to the 5.8-inch variant.

What do you think about the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max names that Apple is seemingly getting ready to use?

source: 9to5Mac
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