2019 iPhone series could skip USB-C again, stick with 5W charger in the box

Apple's 2019 iPhone series might skip USB-C and stick with 5W charge in the box
Apple’s iPhone series has stayed loyal to the Lightning connector ever since it was first introduced in 2012. But recently, rumors of 2019 iPhones complete with USB-C ports have begun swirling around. According to Japanese site Mac Otakara, though, this will not be the case.

Despite actively testing iPhone prototypes with USB-C ports, it’s suggested that Apple has chosen to stick with its proprietary port for yet another year, a decision which is seemingly tied directly with production costs and profit.

As things stand, Apple benefits from large economies of scale due to the fact that Lightning-related accessories for newer devices are valid for previous-generation models. For example, the Lightning EarPods and Lightning cables remain unchanged. Similarly, the company’s controversial 5W charger has been included in the box for years and, according to the same report, 2019 will be no different.

With the likes of Huawei and Samsung moving towards fast chargers of up to 40W and Apple itself recently including an 18W USB-C charger inside the iPad Pro’s box, such a move would certainly be a disappointment. However, it’s not exactly surprising.

After experiencing a decline in sales over the past quarter, projections suggest iPhone sales will remain flat throughout 2019. As a result of this, the company faces increased pressure from investors to keep profits up and a switch over to USB-C could potentially eat away at these. After all, choosing to stick with the Lightning port for yet another year will result in lower costs which are unlikely to be passed on to consumers.

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