Apple iBooks to have exclusive on Breaking Bad: Alchemy title

Apple iBooks to have exclusive on Breaking Bad: Alchemy title
One of the most popular television shows of recent times is coming to an end. Imagine how Breaking Bad might have been pitched to network suits over the phone. "Yeah, this is a show about a high school science teacher diagnosed with cancer and facing a mid-life crises. So he cooks some killer crystal meth using his science abilities and becomes a major producer. Oh, his brother-in-law is an DEA agent. And there's this guy who owns a chicken restaurant that...hello...hello?"

But the series not only works, it became a huge hit with solid writing and acting that makes this whole unbelievable plot seem real. The show keeps you on the edge of your seat each week. And now that the series is down to its last few episodes, a new title called Breaking Bad: Alchemy has been made available in the Breaking Bad iTunes collection, which is a collection of media related to the series, and offered through iTunes. We're talking about music from the show, podcasts from the actors, apps and more. Each chapter shows a different look at the series, from the actual chemistry and science used by the show, to the music. The iBook is available exclusively from iTunes for $7.99, a price that is expected to rise once the series starts on August 11th on AMC. Breaking Bad: Alchemy will be updated once the series ends.

source: SlashGear


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