Apple creeps closer to Samsung in global smartphone market share

Apple creeps closer to Samsung in global smartphone market share
During the second quarter, Apple cut into Samsung's lead in the battle for global smartphone market share. The latest numbers have been released by Strategy Analytics, and they show that Apple gained 4.5 percentage points on Samsung from April through June. Make no mistake about it though, Samsung still leads the way with 20.5% of smartphone shipments during the period. But that number seems to decline each quarter, and Apple now trails its rival by only 9.6 percentage points.

While Samsung shipped 89 million phones for the quarter, a 7% decline from the 95 million it shipped during last year's second quarter, Apple saw its deliveries rise 35% on the back of its larger screened Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus. To compete with large-screened Android phones, Apple increased the screen size of the iPhone 6 to 4.7-inches from the 4-inch screen sported by the Apple iPhone 5s. It also added the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus phablet. Overall, Apple shipped 47.5 million iPhones during the period.

Huawei jumped over Microsoft to take third place in the rankings. A strong 49% increase in smartphone shipments to 30.6 million units propelled the Chinese manufacturer past the software giant. Huawei could be rewarded by Google as speculation has the company producing one of two new Nexus handsets to be released later this year. Microsoft had a stunning 45% decline in shipments to 27.8 million phones as buyers remain frozen by the lack of new high-end models, and the impending launch of Windows 10 Mobile. The latest report has the new OS build arriving in November.

With a 31% increase year-over-year to 19.8 million units, Xiaomi rounds out the top five. The upstart manufacturer now controls 4.6% of the global smartphone market. If your favorite manufacturer wasn't listed in the top five, it was thrown into the "Others" category. The latter group saw shipments rise 4% and owns 50.6% of the smartphone market. "Others" includes companies like HTC, LG, Motorola and others.

Overall, 434.6 million smartphones were in transit during the second quarter, a gain of 1.5% from last year's figure.

source: StrategyAnalytics via AndroidCentral



1. ThePython

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No "Apple is losing" posts yet, eh?

3. Nathan_ingx

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Oh, the irony... You're the first and you're asking yourself. You want them to hit you and you're waiting for it.

5. ThePython

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That's true, I want to see what they have to say.

2. SirYar

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Fresh click-bait, right from the oven!

6. Kruze

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Dear PA readers, Please cooperate and DO NOT reply to BobbyBuster's comment. He's just like any other trolls who want attention by repeating the same bullshit over and over again. Raging or insulting or proving him wrong won't help anything, because he's a bot. Please resist your temptations and move on, ignore his comment! Thanks, your cooperation is kindly appreciated. #TerminateTheTrolls #SayNoToTrolls _____________________ Back to the topic, Looks like Xiaomi is gonna kick out Microsoft in terms of market share soon.

7. Busyboy

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And you're not making it any better by dedicating a comment towards him, now are you?

8. Kruze

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You'll see the difference, I do believe that people will just blindly reply to his comments if this kind of message wasn't spreaded. If you reply to him, he'll get a notification, and imagine how happy he would be to get a reply to his BS comments. If only all PA readers here are smart enough to not reply to his comments, then these stupid trolls will just extinct in no time. Don't blame me for doing this, it's PA the one who's not taking any actions. Oh, and do report his comment if you want to, maybe the report button will see the light soon.

9. Commentator

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Wait, you can still get notifications from PA posts? I stopped getting those years ago, I thought they took those out!

11. Kruze

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No, I mean the notification that you'll see on the top right of the site when someone replies to your comment.

14. darkkjedii

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PA doesn't need to take any action against him. He's not disrespecting anyone, and had just as much right to post his opinion as you, or I.

10. realjjj

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lol you guys just can't read. This is all phones not smartphone and SA is clueless anyway. After their Apple Watch report they'll never regain any trace of credibility.

12. Sidewinder

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^he's the official troll patrol of PA.

21. BobbyDigital

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Actually… Mxyzptlk is the official troll of PA. But my groupie comes close.

13. robocopvn

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Phonearena do you joke me when say: "Apple now trails its rival by only 9.6 percentage points" 9.6% is nearly double the market share for Apple. Yes, I mean DOUBLE. So please don't say thing to make it looks better for Apple, as always. Thank you

15. c.hack

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Yeah. You tell 'em. Don't say anything that makes Apple look good. Phonearena is an official droid troll site after all.

17. RoboticEngi

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So when apple is loosing marketshare on tablets with samsung getting closer, they are still on top. But when samsung looses marketshare on phones, they loose marketshare to apple. Omfg this site is so far up the ass of TC that it's unbelievable. ....

18. infinitemethod

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I can't wait for my Note 5. Boner jams '15!

19. TechieXP1969

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Samsung is still shipping double the amount of phone Apple does every single quarter and they sell more too. I personally don't see any difference.

22. jeroome86

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Wonder what the numbers would be if you count Samsungs flagships to the iPhone's. Samsung has a lot of low end phones I wouldn't even consider. The S and Note series are the main ones I would be curious about comparing.

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