Apple brings satellite connectivity to the iPhone 14

Apple brings satellite connectivity to the iPhone 14
The wait is finally over. Today, Apple has announced its iPhone 14 lineup. The event was dubbed “Far out” and alluded to a lingering cosmic theme. Why, you might ask? Because Apple is taking us to space with the iPhone 14

While the new smartphones bring a lot to the table, one of the most interesting features to come to this year’s iPhone lineup is satellite connectivity. Apparently, Apple has worked on the hardware aspect behind this for quite a while, because many analysts originally predicted that the feature would supposedly make its debut with the iPhone 13. 

They were just a tad off. One year later, it is finally here. The main purpose of satellite connectivity, or Emergency SOS via Satellite, is to enable the facilitation of calls and text messages in places where traditional cellular connectivity is unavailable. This is especially useful (to put in lightly) in cases of emergency, when grievous circumstances demand immediate action. 

According to Apple, the iPhone 14's antennas can now connect to satellite frequencies. In areas where users do not have the benefit of cellular coverage, a simple scan of the sky could facilitate the delivery of a short text message in less than 15 seconds. It should be noted that this time frame is under ideal circumstances. 

The device will guide the user how to position the smartphone in order to enable it to locate the satellites in the sky. After that, the device has to be pointed directly towards one in order to be able to connect accordingly. Only then will the text message be delivered. Additionally, Emergency SOS via Satellite has a built-in interface facilitating direct contact with emergency service providers. 

On a less grievous note, the feature also works with the Find My app, allowing users to share their precise location even when they are outside cellular coverage. Emergency SOS via Satellite will be free for the first 2 years, and afterwards will likely operate on a subscription basis. 

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