Apple bans sexually provocative content from App Store?

Apple bans sexually provocative content from App Store?
The Supreme Court once said that they couldn't define pornography, but that they would know it when they see it. Apple apparently has a new policy change for the App Store that says that they know overtly sexual content when they see it. In an email from Apple to Jon Atherton, developer of the Wobble iBoobs site, the Cupertino gang says that they are pulling the app from the App Store because despite having content that Apple originally thought was suitable for distribution, the app had received complaints from customers about the content and thus, the guidelines were "changed appropriately. "The meat of the email says, "We have decided to remove any overtly sexual content from the App Store, which includes your application." Other sites having similarly titled names like "Beautiful Boobs", Sexy Girls Uncovered" and "Sex Strip" worked without a problem as long as you read the Apple-written warning about not viewing objectionable material unless you are 17 or older. Let's hope it is not a case of Apple deciding that it knows what sexual content is when they see it. Or it could have been that with 970,000 installations, Wooble iBoobs couldn't help but get noticed by the censorship police at Cupertino. Some other sites like "Exotic positions and "Sexy Woman" returned error messages and tweets have been sent out by developers complaining of getting their apps pulled. So it looks like it is just a matter of time until all sexual content is removed from the App Store.If you are a visitor to such sites, you might want to get your last looks now.

source: TechCrunch



1. htc_prep

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Apple is beginning to take more an more pages from China and their tyrannical internet control book.

2. JeffdaBeat unregistered

Umm...AppleFanBoi here... I understand that Apple wants complete control. I think that if I were a developer, I would also understand that my app might get rejected and that's just the risk I take. That being said, I think Apple should be very careful. One of the biggest pulls for the iPhone is the App store and if they start pissing too many of the developers off then they are going to stop making apps for the iPhone...period. I definitely think there should be rules, but I think those rules need to be consistant. Otherwise, I don't think it will turn out well for Apple, especially when Google is allowing pretty much any app.

3. messiah

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Now known as the " iPull "

4. rwolf1984

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"If you are a visitor to such sites, you might want to get your last looks now." Sprint Fanboy PhoneArena/TechCrunch...Apple is not censoring the internet. How do you get to that conclusion from the facts in the article? Is you mom Sarah Palin? You will be able to visit any website you want on your iPhone. Apple cannot ignore the facts. The Adult Industry has been a deciding factor in picking formats over the years BetaMax vs VHS, HD-DVD vs Blueray. Android is allowing adult material. . .Windows you can get whatever you want. . .Apple should create an adult zone for apps or something that requires age verification of the phone user not the account holder. I saw Pirates of Silicon Valley. Steve Jobs loves wobbling boobs. NOW SHARE!!

5. iHateCrapple

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6. Nobodey

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I want to create a 21 meg, .flv file that just constantly scrolls through innocent pictures that look dirty, then submit it as an app over and over and over... Doesn't Apple do this like every year and a half or so?

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