Apple backs up AT&T on broadband issues

Apple backs up AT&T on broadband issues
Even through the tough times, it’s always nice knowing that someone has your back in the most trying of periods. Some AT&T Apple iPhone customers have reported their frustrations over network issues in major cities like New York. Apple is coming forward to back up their partner who has been hearing a lot of negative press over the performance of their network since the release of the iPhone – it’s very well known that AT&T customers consume more data than any other carrier; which was spurred by the availability of the iPhone. During Apple’s Q1 2010 conference call, Tim Cook came to the defense of AT&T when questioned whether or not the negative press surrounding the exclusive iPhone carrier was hurting Apple’s brand. Additionally the Apple COO says that AT&T has to deal with the higher broadband usage and provide a “great experience” for many of their customers. Finally he goes on to say how Apple was made aware about the problems in certain markets, like New York City – and that AT&T plans on fixing those issues and share their plans with Apple.

via The iPhone Blog


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