Apple approves $999.99 app that allows the Apple iPhone 5s to shoot 4K video

Apple approves $999.99 app that allows the Apple iPhone 5s to shoot 4K video
Apple has just signed off on a $999.99 app for the App Store. Available only for the 32GB and 64GB Apple iPhone 5s running on iOS 7, the Vizzywig 4K allows you to capture, edit and distribute 4K video. If you spend the money to purchase this app, by all means do not update your iPhone 5s to iOS 8 at this point. The reason has to do with the "Burst Mode" on iOS 8, which takes pictures at 10 images per second, and does not meet the requirements for the app.

The reason that the "Burst Mode" is so important, is that the 4K videos being captured by Vizzywig 4K are really a series of 4K photographs being shot at 24 images per second. Stitching these photos together creates a 4K video, and allows you to access and edit each individual frame. The app also comes with the ability to create title slides, scrolling credits and transition effects. Audio is recorded separately and synced later with the video.

The developer behind the app, i4software, says that it hopes the iOS 8 "Burst Mode" limit will get fixed in future builds of the OS, which will allow buyers to update to iOS 8. If you're really, really, really that determined to have 4K video capabilities on your iPhone 5s, start reaching for your credit card now.

source: Vizzywig 4K (iOS) via SlashGear

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