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The Apple HomePod just landed on our front door, so you know what that means – it's unboxing time! Much like its other gadgets, the packaging here with the HomePod is as straightforward and minimalist as they come. There are aa few pieces of documentation included in the box, as well as the usual Apple decal sticker, but beyond that, there's nothing else.

Since this is our first time getting acquainted with the HomePod, we have a lot to say about its design. In terms of its size, it appears to be almost three times the size of the original Google Home Speaker. It's also lined with this mesh-like material, which definitely adds a more natural look and feel to its design, but we're curious to know how this material handles over time. Then again, the fabric might have something to do with its acoustics.

As for the setup process, it was a painless process that involved us plugging it to the wall, then proceeding to place our iPhone X nearby – and from there, it automatically set itself up. There wasn't any need to download any app to connect the speaker with the iPhone X, we presume the connection to the iPhone X allowed it to access our Wi-Fi network. Another initial standout from our first introduction is the immense power put out by its speaker! If you're looking for some serious bass power, you'll definitely get it here.

However, we did notice that you can't stream music yet from the Google Play Music app for iOS – albeit, it does support Pandora. We're eager to see also how it handles other smart connected devices in the home, so it'll be interesting to see how it stacks up against some of the other notable smart speakers in the market. Expect our review soon!

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