Apple CEO: sales in the enterprise market are "unbelievable"

Apple CEO: sales in the enterprise market are "unbelievable"
Ever since Canadian BlackBerry saw a telling reverse in its fortunes, it has always been a question of when whether then if somebody else will snatch up the conservative enterprise niche. If Apple's CEO and CFO, Tim Cook and Steve Oppenheimer, are to be believed, that time has come, for the two were reportedly very enthusiastic about sharing figures of their performance in the enterprise market, and for a pretty good reason. According to the Apple execs, the numbers are "unbelievable", with the majority of Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies now partnering with the Cupertino-based manufacturer:

Those impressive figures are further corroborated by Oppenheimer, who says that 90% of tablet activations in the corporate world are iPads, and 95% of app activations were carried out on iOS. The exact scope of 'corporations' is a bit unclear, though we assume the Apple big shots are again talking Fortune/Global 500. Of course, safety is something of a survival instinct for such behemoth companies, which is probably why the CFO added that iOS 7 is now cleared for use in federal agencies, having obtained a FIPS 140-2 certificate. The financial wizard on duty at Apple also outlined some of the companies that rely on Cupertino for smartphones and tablets, and the list is kind of respectable, with the likes of Cisco, American Airlines, GE, Deloitte and the NFL making an appearance. Oppenheimer also took the opportunity to quote the latest findings from IDC, which indicate that Apple now controls the whopping 59% of the enterprise market in the States.

As good as Apple's results may look, CEO Tim Cook is apparently not about to get comfy, warning that the enterprise niche is far from an easy win, despite having already laid down "the groundwork". Unfortunately, this means that BlackBerry may not be doing as well as it has tried to make the public believe, even in its traditional market.

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