Apple announces App Store Awards winners for 2022: Check out the best apps and games

App Store awards winners 2022
Apple has just announced the App Store Awards winners for 2022. Many apps and games have been recognized by Apple, with tons of household names as well as relative newcomers receiving an award. Let's explore which were the best apps and games available on the Apple ecosystem in 2022!

App Store Award Winners 2022

iPhone app of the year: BeReal (Download)

Download BeReal

The simple and novel social media app wages war on premeditated pictures and curated posts by requiring you to take an authentic photo of what you're up to at the moment, with up to two minutes to snap a picture with both the front and rear cameras. The prompt to take a BeReal is random every day, so you never really know when the notification will arrive. You can't view your friends' or family's BeReal posts unless you take one yourself. 

iPad app of the year: GoodNotes 5 (Download)

Download GoodNotes 5

Take the note-taking experience on iPad, but iPhone and Mac as well to the next level with GoodNotes 5. The iPad app of the year enhances productivity by allowing you to create complex and rich notes and documents, with full Apple Pencil support, handwriting recognition, and excellent note document organization.

Mac App of the year: MacFamilyTree 10 (Download)

This immersive app will let you create awesome 3D family trees and dive deep into the genealogy of your kin. 

Apple TV app of the year: ViX (Download)

With ViX, you will find a portal to Latin American entertainment straight on your Apple TV.

Apple Watch App of the year: Gentler Streak (Download)

If you feel that the workout tracker on your Apple Watch is pushing you too hard, you can put your faith into Gentler Streak, an Apple Watch app that promises it wouldn't overwork you to death, and actually puts your wellbeing first and forefront. A superb choice for those who aren't seasoned athletes. 

iPhone game of the year: Apex Legends Mobile

The battle royale phenomenon on iPhone has received the highest accolade. Engage in challenging squad battles with up to two friends, synergizing your skillsets and roles with the goal of dominating the competition.

iPad game of the year: Moncage

Puzzle games, when done right, are almost always a rather memorable form of digital entertainment, and Moncage's engaging brain-teasers are now officially deserving of that qualification. Try as we might, we can't think of a finest puzzle game on the iPad!

Mac game of the year: Inscryption

Devolver Digital's Inscryption is a psychological horror game, a deck builder mashed with escape-room mechanics. Definitely an excellent game, albeit a bit niche.  

Apple TV game of the year: El Hijo

Did you forget that the Apple TV is a capable of running games as well? With such gems like El Hijo, you shouldn't forget that anytime soon! In this stealthy rogue-lite, you will have to navigate a six-year-old through the perils of various challenging settings and get past throves of enemies. 

Apple Arcade game of the year: Wylde Flowers

Download Wylde Flowers

In this relaxing farming-meets-witches game, you will have to navigate through a charming island full of magic, potential friends, and lots and lots of farming opportunities! Craft potions, cook food, and prosper. 

Cultural impact winners

Some of the apps that didn't get awards but still got recognized by Apple are:

  • How We Feel - check your emotional well-being throughout the day; 
  • Dot's Home - an interactive tale of homelessness amongst colored communities;
  • Locket Widget - lets you send Live Photos directly to a homescreen widget on your friend's iPhone;
  • Waterllama - hydration has never been more engaging;
  • Inua - a visual story exploring Inuit folklore, tradition, and tales.

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