Angry Birds Rio now available in Amazon and Apple's app stores

Angry Birds Rio now available in Amazon and Apple's app stores
There may be plenty of fuss about the launch of Amazon's Appstore (today is the big day) and Apple's decision to sue Amazon for daring to use the "Appstore" name, but let's not forget the fact that some really Angry Birds have arrived - and they seem to be angrier than ever.

Angry Birds Rio was released earlier today and is now available in Apple and Amazon's app stores. It's a free offering in the latter store (today only), while in the former there are four versions of the game - two free (one for the iPhone and one for the iPad) and two paid. iPhone users will have to pay $0.99 for the premium version, while the HD version for their iPad counterparts costs $2.99. The paid versions of the game offer 60 new levels.

Angry Birds Rio presents us with brand new birds and nemeses - it seems it's some evil monkeys that we have to fight this time. Well, if we have to, then we will not hesitate to do the decent thing and help the birds in their crusade against them evil monkeys.

source: Apple andApple via Pocket-lint


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