Angry Birds Rio continues to see gold as it hits the 10 million download mark in 10 days

Angry Birds Rio continues to see gold as it hits the 10 million download mark in 10 days
Not surprisingly, the Cinderella story is going strong for Rovio, maker of the Angry Birds series, as their latest venture proves yet again their appeal to the masses.

Angry Birds Rio is really sizzling because it has managed to achieve the 10 million download mark in just a mere 10 days – which is a pretty impressive feat on its own. Furthermore, it’s also able to impressively narrow the gap and actually push ahead of the original Angry Birds game on Apple’s App Store as being the most popular application. Easily breaking the previous record set by the original title, Angry Birds Rio is surely going to cement itself as a long lasting hit that’s sure to rake in some big bucks for its maker.

If you’re still holding out on it, you may want to check out our review on it to see for yourself what all the commotion is all about.

source: Twitter via Mobileburn



1. downphoenix

Posts: 3165; Member since: Jun 19, 2010

April fools, look at the date.

2. Woowww unregistered

Oh my god. Who cares! This is like the 10th post about angry birds within the past few days. Has the phone world really been so bland that all there is to resort to is Angry Birds? Its a nice game but its not a game changer nor is it an icon. How many articles does Engadget, Phonedog, phandroid, or any other phone site have about angry birds? Not nearly as much as phonearena... I'd rather have no new articles than 10 new articles about a game on the app market. How about instead of posting all these articles and reviews about angry birds you just make a new tab (up with "home" "phones" "tablets" etc...) labled "Apps" for all the news worthy applications and games?

4. IOS5 unregistered

They sold out the game more than iPhone 4 sold in first 2 weeks! April fool

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