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Android's new lockscreen will let you know how long it'll take before your phone's at 100%

Google may have showcased just a few of Android L's new features at the Google I/O conference, but it looks like there are going to be many other, smaller new additions scattered all over the system. One such goody that we've come across is the new battery charging notification text on the lockscreen.

Previously, while your phone is being charged, this text would only say "Charging", accompanied by the current battery level percentage. However, starting with Android L, the lockscreen will be capable of showing you an estimation of how much time is left until your phone's battery is fully charged! OK, it's probably not something super-useful, but it still seems like a nice touch.

Meanwhile, the renovated battery stats screen will display an approximation of how much time your phone is supposed to remain powered on with the current amount of juice in the battery. Of course, we wouldn't advise you to rely on these statistics too much, since they probably won't be super accurate, but we guess they'll be good enough to give us some overall estimation. What do you think?


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