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Android version 2.1 in the works

Android version 2.1 in the works
The official market release of the first handset running Android version 2.0 has been scheduled for 6 November, when the much anticipated Motorola DROID is expected to hit the shelves through Verizon. The European name of the cell phone is MILESTONE and the device should come to the old continent later this year. Certainly, the development of the operating system has not ceased, but it seems the process is well under way. The rumor has it version 2.1 is in the works indeed, plus the statistics relating to the visits at AndroidandMe indicates the page has been opened on devices running unknown Android versions in 0.04% of the cases - another sign of the existence of the new OS version. The same website reports Android 2.1 will fix known bugs of the previous edition and come out before the end of 2009. This probably means we should not expect ground-breaking changes, but on the other hand, why not? Let´s let the developers do their job and surprise us, hopefully before the upcoming holidays.

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