Android based solution brings HUD GPS to motorcycle helmets

Android based solution brings HUD GPS to motorcycle helmets
You might be thinking that a solution like this will ultimately be redundant considering that Glass will be available in the foreseeable future.

However, when you see the development and detail that has been put into LiveMap, a motorcycle helmet with integrated navigation, you are bound to reach a different conclusion. If you are a motorcyclist, especially cruising, this will definitely pique your interest.

While it is possible to use traditional GPS units while on a motorcycle, it is not ideal for a number of obvious reasons. Riding on two-wheels affords a number of great benefits, but also a number of risks compared to riding in a car.

In Russia, a group of engineers have been busy developing a fully integrated helmet with GPS using a HUD type projection on the visor. Based on the work that has gone into it so far, the end result looks very promising if they can gather enough funding to make it happen.

A final product is a little over a year away, but given what is planned, this will be a robust application with power to last for the long haul. Two 3,000mAh batteries, full color translucent picture which responds to compass and gyroscope inputs, a light sensor, and solid voice control tied together with GPS and 4G LTE.

What will it take to get one? $1,500 for early adopters. Given that top-of-the-line stand-alone full-face motorcycle helmets can go for better than half that amount, you can see they are squeezing as much technology and bang for the buck as safely as possible. Check out the pictures and video below and click the source link if you want one. They are focusing on English speaking countries first, followed by Europe and Asia. If the final product is a hit, it will be worth the wait.

source: LiveMap (Indiegogo)

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