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Android app helps DROID owner get his stolen phone back

Android app helps DROID owner get his stolen phone back
You have to love how technology is being used to combat against crimes – especially when there’s a happy ending. One lucky Motorola DROID owner was reunited with his beloved Android phone after a burglar broke into his house and stole not only the prized handset, but other belongings like his laptop and jacket. Crooks aren’t known to be the brightest of people; and this particular one happened to take some photos of himself on the stolen phone which ended up being his undoing. The owner installed the Android app Lookout which essentially backs up user information on a routine basis to an online server. After logging on to his online account, he noticed some new photos that weren’t there before – next thing you know is a clear cut image of the thief was turned over to authorities. Police officials distributed the photo at a local school and was able to identify the burglar thanks to some students. Thanks to this nifty Android app, this Motorola DROID owner gets the last laugh.

source: KPTV via AndroidGuys


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