Android 1.6 rolls out October, brings universal search and quite a few novelty features

Android 1.6 rolls out October, brings universal search and quite a few novelty features
We can´t wait until October, because quite a few thrilling things are going to happen next month. The Windows Mobile 6.5 mania gets a nice boost on 6 October, because that´s the official release date of the new OS, plus it is the day when we get to see a good number of devices based on it. And we´ve just found out that the next version of Android, edition 1.6 is quite likely to roll out next month as well. The new functions that the update known as the Donut is about to bring forth make us feel... wanting.

They are revealed in a video advertising SDK for version 1.6 of the Google-made operating system. The novelties include support for not only CDMA and GSM, but various screen resolutions and display types as well, meaning we should see the number of devices that can run Android increase rapidly. One of the handiest features the update brings is universal search that is implemented much the same way as on the Palm Pre - in your phone and on the Internet at the same time. New APIs allow for text to speech conversion that can be combined with translation between languages. Who knows, perhaps Android 1.6 will finally make us able to have a word with the cute Italian girl working at the boutique around the corner. As we already mentioned, the new Android Market version that is to come with the Donut update will be much more... App Store friendly. 

But that´s not all. Android 1.6 will feature improved battery indicator showing all applications that gnaw through the battery charge, so you can kill the threads or remove them entirely. The camera interface has had a facelift and will both look better and run faster. The Gallery will allow selection of several images, so you will be able to delete multiple files at a time. Finally, the new OS version adds gesture controls.

Fingers crossed Android version 1.6 rolls out soon and new thrilling devices running on it, like the Motorola CLIQ, HTC Hero for Sprint and Sholes for Verizon follow suit.

source: Android Developers


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