And that's how an iPhone 5 looks like after 2 months of use

iPhone 5 after 2 months
The iPhone 5 is as sleek and beautiful as it is susceptible to dents and scratches. Even a small percentage of new units came with nicks right out of the box, which eventually led to Apple tightening up quality control measures at the iPhone 5 assembly lines. That said, can you imagine how one of them would look like after being used for a couple of months?

No need to visualize anything because someone has already done that for us. In the photos below we have two black iPhone 5 handsets, one of which has been encased since the very same day it was purchased, while the other has seen a lot of unprotected action. Both of them have been in use for about 2 months now. Obviously, it is quite easy to tell which one is which.

This, of course, is just a single case, but it clearly demonstrates that if you don't handle your iPhone 5 with care, it will get bruised sooner or later. And for most of us, paying $99 to have the damage fixed just isn't an option. But at the end of the day, do a few nicks matter? After all, despite being prone to scratching, Apple's newest smartphone is still a durable device, as those numerous iPhone 5 drop tests have shown. Perhaps you'd like to share your thoughts on this with us? If that's the case, sound it off below!

source: Gizmodo

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