Amosu introduces Blackberry Pearl Diamond Edition

Amosu introduces Blackberry Pearl Diamond Edition
The jewelers from Amosu have created an extravagant solution for the demanding market. The company has announced its latest offering, the Blackberry Pearl Diamond Edition. It is encrusted with 900 diamonds and will definitely get you in the spotlight. In addition to the bling-bling, a high-class concierge service is offered for the customers. Interestingly the diamonds used on the Blackberry Pearl Diamond Edition are fully recyclable, which means that you can have them recast on a different gadget. You can own this piece of art for about $88 000.

source: Amosu via MobileBurn



1. Dundy o' unregistered

Wow, there is an article about my phone! Nice guys. It really isn't that expensive, since I bought it.

2. DeeBee unregistered

88k for BB - NEVER, even its platinum made with 2000 carat diamonds encrusted into the buttons, i feel much better with my 8800 arte

3. grosse unregistered

yea..i really did buy this phone for $88,000

4. Darkness unregistered

I think I shall purchase a couple of these Blackberries, they should match my 2 Bugatti Veyrons, which both have diamond encrusted steering wheels. This should be pocket change for me, oh wait! I just happen to have 1 million dollars in my pocket right now! Very well, I shall tell my butler to fetch me 2 of these wonderful devices.

5. jenny unregistered

$88,000 for a phone? what is this world coming too?

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