Amazon announces the Kindle Scribe, a massive 10" e-reader with a stylus

Amazon announces the Kindle Scribe, a massive 10" e-reader with a stylus
Kindle is to the e-reader market, what the iPad is to the tablet one. Even if e-readers have been in a rough spot lately, Amazon still reigns supreme. And judging by the company’s newest device, it is not giving up its place on top anytime soon.

Today, Amazon unveiled its most advanced Kindle ever. The Kindle Scribe is a gigantic 10.2” e-reader and is also the first Kindle device to feature stylus support. This means that one of the main selling points of the new device will be its ability to effectively display and annotate large files like big pdfs.

The device features the same familiar crisp E-ink display, with a high pixel-per-inch count and adaptive front light. Essentially, the Kindle Scribe will keep everything we love about the Kindle and bring much more.

Speaking of more, the Kindle Scribe will come with a stylus included in the box. The latter will attach magnetically to the e-reader, similar to the way the Apple Pencil works with the iPad. The stylus will not have to be charged and will be relatively simple.

According to Amazon, despite the simplicity of the stylus, the writing experience should be seamless. There will be two pen options - a “basic” one, and a more “premium” one.

The addition of stylus support transforms the very purpose of a Kindle. Users will be able to use the Scribe as an effective notebook replacement, they will now have the option to add dedicated handwritten notes to anything they are reading and much more. Simply put, the Scribe is much more than a mere Kindle.

The Kindle Scribe will start at $339 and should be available globally in time for the holidays. The cherry on top is that Amazon is also treating buyers with 4 months worth of Kindle Unlimited.

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