Amazon's new Halo Band wearable device focuses on health and wellness

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Amazon's new Halo Band wearable device focuses on health and wellness
Amazon is trying to offer its customers the whole shebang. From smart speakers to tablets and related services that function entirely within its ecosystem. The most recent addition to this chain of products meant to determine customers to remain loyal to the brand, is the Amazon Halo Band, a fitness tracker that focuses on health and wellness.

The Halo Band is not yet available for purchase, but customers in the US can request early access to the wearable device and get it for $65. Along with the Halo Band, Amazon announced Halo, a new service that supposedly helps consumers improve their health and wellness. For $65, customers are getting the Amazon Halo Band and 6 months of Halo membership.

The main drawback of the Halo Band is that it lacks a display, so you'll have to check all the information provided by the fitness tracker from on your phone via the Halo app. Since it doesn't have a screen, it lacks notifications as well, although it does feature two microphones, an LED indicator light, and a button to turn the mics on or off.

Naturally, since it focuses on health and wellness, the Halo Band packs a heart rate monitor, a temperature sensor, and an accelerometer. Also, it's water-resistant and the battery should last up to seven days (it fully charges in less than 90 minutes).

As far as the Amazon Halo app goes, it contains five main features: activity, sleep, body, tone, and labs. Each provides Halo Band users with all sorts of useful health and wellness information such as: intensity and duration of movement, medical guidelines, skin temperature while sleeping, time spent in various phases of sleep, body fat percentage, and even the level of one's positivity determined by measuring the user's voice tone.

Those interested can choose from three fabric band colors at launch, with fabric and silicone sports bands available in 15 additional colors.

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