All apps in the Windows Phone Store show they will work with Windows Phone 8.1

There should be no doubt now that Microsoft plans to bill the big “Windows Phone Blue” update as Windows Phone 8.1. If you take a browse through the Windows Phone Store and look at the selection of apps, you will see that they all note to work with “Windows Phone 8.1.”

We took a look at several apps in the Store, and they are all listed the same. The change apparently happened en masse overnight. That development bodes well for those that are waiting impatiently for the official announcement and demonstration of Windows Phone 8.1 because it means there should not be any compatibility issues for apps running on the updated OS.

For those that are still catching up, you can see our comprehensive summary of everything we know about the Windows Phone 8.1 update. A lot of information leaked before the SDK was sent out, but once Microsoft sent out “confidential” invitations to developers to evaluate the Window Phone update, the floodgates basically opened.

We are just a little over two weeks away from the Microsoft //Build/ developer conference where it is expected that all will be revealed.

sources: via WMPoweruser

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1. Commentator

Posts: 3723; Member since: Aug 16, 2011

Man do I feel sorry for whoever had to check each and every Windows Phone app for this.

3. ArtSim98

Posts: 3535; Member since: Dec 21, 2012

lol :D

5. Pings

Posts: 304; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

Yea all 86 of them.

6. simplyj

Posts: 406; Member since: Dec 23, 2009

Yeah, I can see how hard it must be checking those 1 million fart apps

9. AliNSiddiqui

Posts: 382; Member since: Sep 19, 2012

Oh come on dude, that was a cheap shot... lighten up!

10. Shatter

Posts: 2036; Member since: May 29, 2013

That actually wouldn't be to bad of a job to check if apps worked...

2. Lt.Green

Posts: 397; Member since: Mar 13, 2014

They should work, they barely have any apps to begin with let alone loose compatibility.

4. papss unregistered

That's pretty funny❕ :-)

7. kaikuheadhunterz

Posts: 1157; Member since: Jul 18, 2013

Does it work on a qHD/nHD screen though?

8. N-fanboy

Posts: 543; Member since: Jan 12, 2013

I doubt it. So far we have seen complete abandonment of last gen mobile OSes by M$ and i don't expect that to change completely.

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