All AT&T phones on Amazon except for HP iPAQ Glisten priced at $0.01

All AT&T phones on Amazon except for HP iPAQ Glisten priced at $0.01
Although it's a penny more than what LetsTalk was offering a week ago by  making all of their available in-stock AT&T phones in their lineup for free, Amazon is following a simialr path with all of their phones except one. The only sole handset to resist the $0.01 price tag is none other than the HP iPAQ Glisten – strangely enough, we really can't say why it's the only one with a hefty $49.99 price point. Regardless of that, new customers can choose to take a pick of the litter – smartphones like the LG eXpo, HTC Tilt 2, BlackBerry Bold 9000, and Motorola BACKFLIP can all be had for a penny! So if you're in the market of signing a contract with AT&T, then you'll have until April 16 to check out the handful of devices that all can be bought for only $0.01 – the spare change found in the nook and crannies of your sofa could be enough.

source: Amazon via Engadget


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