Alexander: Motorola's savior. (They're done)

Alexander: Motorola's savior. (They're done)
About a month ago BGR told us about the Alexander, the company's last ditch effort to resurrect its once strong handset division. Rumored specs were impressive enough: 5-8 mexapixel camera, NVIDIA 3D graphics, UIQ operating system and GPS. It was said that the Alexander was the company's last major push to turn things around, and if it didn't pan out then they would sell the company. Well today BGR got ahold of an image of the device, and, well, we don't see this phone saving much of anything. In fact, when UTStarcom beats you to the punch you know its time to move on. It appears Windows Mobile 6.1 may be the OS, though the screen shot looks like it might be WM7. With the rumored October release date we don't think 7 will be near ready by then, but hey, you never know. Either way, if this is what the company is hanging their hat on it looks like the end is just around the corner.

source: BGR

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