Activision Blizzard to bring all its franchises to mobile in the coming years

Activision Blizzard to bring all its franchises to mobile in the coming years
Activision Blizzard is making a bucketload of money after releasing Call of Duty: Mobile and it plans to do even more. Following the same formula, the US giant confirmed all of its franchises will go mobile at some point in the future.

During a recent investor call, Activision Blizzard president and COO Daniel Alegre revealed that the company plans to expose an even wider audience to its franchises, and that mobile is a critical aspect of that.

With Call of Duty: Mobile recently exceeding 300 million downloads in just one year, Activision Blizzard is in such a good position in the mobile gaming ecosystem that we're expecting more titles from the US company in the coming months.

Two of the games that Activision Blizzard is already working on, Diablo Immortal and Crash: On The Run, are expected to be released next year. Other popular franchises like Overwatch and StarCraft might be brought to mobile as well, although we doubt that would be possible with World of Warcraft, another of Activision Blizzard's golden goose.

Frankly, looking at how much money Activision Blizzard made from all its mobile games, it's hard to believe that the company will let it slide and not try to ride the wave of success. In just three months (July – September 2020), Activision Blizzard made around $660 million from mobile games, as well as $515 million and $695 million from its PC and console games, respectively.

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