Action Memo coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 late next month

Action Memo returning to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 late next month
Remember Action Memo? This was the feature that allowed Galaxy Note users to jot down handwritten notes with the S Pen, and take action with it. For example, you could write a phone number on the screen and call or text it. Or, you might have written down an address and let Google Maps look it up. With Action Memo, you were able to send an email to a handwritten email address, and more.

But Samsung removed Action Memo from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. As you might imagine, Samsung phone reps have had to deal with angry consumers not happy with the removal of this handy feature. But we have to give credit where credit is due. Samsung has been giving consumers what they want throughout this year, so it really might not come as a surprise that the manufacturer is listening to them in regards to this issue as well.

Action Note will be coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in an update that will be disseminated in late September. So don't fret, Galaxy Note 7 users. In a few weeks, your S Pen will be able to take down notes and numbers that you will be able to take action on.

source: AndroidandMe

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