Acer appoints new CEO as company shifts focus toward mobile

Acer appoints new CEO as company shifts focus toward mobile

It's been nearly a month since Acer announced a major change in its executive branch as former CEO Gianfranco Lanci stepped down over disagreements with the company's board of directors about the future of the computer-centric company. The search for the new chief executive is now over and the company announced that former company chairman Jim Wong would be the new president of the company. 52-year-old Wong took over Acer's IT products division and will also lead a new group focusing on tablets and smartphones, according to an official statement by Acer.

Meanwhile the company has lowered its sales forecast and seen its shares tumble 42% on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The Taiwanese company expects PC shipments to further shrink by 10% in the midst of what seems to be a global shift toward tablets.

“The IT industry is encountering a profound change. We are ready with a clear set of goals and action plans,” Wong said. “Touch/mobile devices open up a host of new opportunities. They form Acer's new business and growth engine for the future,” the new chief executive clarified the company's intentions. Just recently, Acer launched pre-orders for its Iconia A500 tablet starting from $450 hoping to kickstart its tablet business, but the company faces tough competition from the booming market and the tablet segment leader Apple.

source: Reuters and Bloomberg


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1. SavageLucy42

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Ooh so Acer is going from making crappy computers to making crappy cell phones and tablets. Hooray!

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