AT&T's eco-friendly intiative asks accessory and device makers to trim on packaging

AT&T's eco-friendly intiative asks accessory and device makers to trim on packaging
AT&T is asking its partners that produce accessories for handsets on their lineup to make a transition to offer smaller and more eco-friendly packaging. So that means no more wasted extra paper content that some people tend to throw away without looking over and focusing on using less plastic in its packaging. Sometimes you really have to work on opening up an accessory packaging as its plastic casing makes it somewhat difficult in retrieving your newly purchased accessory; at the same time, it could deter thieves from attempting to steal its contents. Not stopping there, AT&T is also asking its handset manufacturers to  meet new environmental requirements it has enacted to go into effect immediately so that they can meet their goals by 2011. Suppliers will be required to reduce packaging – meaning that they must use non-petroleum based inks and utilize recycled materials for its documentations. Additionally, approximately 75 percent of new devices will need to be at least 65 percent recyclable so that they can be recycled easily as they are retired. When it comes to saving power,  AT&T is asking them to comply with the GSMA Universal Charging Solution that allows for a single and more energy-efficient charger. With that in mind, it's always nice to see that a wireless carrier is doing what they can by mandating these requirements to ensure for a better future starting now.

source: AT&T


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