AT&T pulls BlackBerry Bold software upgrade with Visual Voicemail

AT&T pulls BlackBerry Bold software upgrade with Visual Voicemail
Citing a software issue that is "affecting the interaction between the device and network enhancements being deployed", AT&T has pulled the recent software upgrade for the BlackBerry Bold 9000, This means that access to the upgrade, the first for the device since November (not counting a minor improvement to the platform), has been suspended. The carrier goes on to say that previous versions of the phone's software do not have this problem and that the handset will ship with the prior version until the problem can be resolved. AT&T warns those BlackBerry 9000 owners who were going to upgrade their handset to wait for the "revised software in the near future". Visual Voicemail was one of the applications that was going to be added to the phone with the upgrade and those who already have added it to their Bold can continue to use it while those who want to have it on their BlackBerry 9000 will be able to add it once the new software becomes available.

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yay!! no visual voicemail for blackberry!! iPhone > BB

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