AT&T adds 2 new LaptopConnect devices sporting GPS & speed

AT&T adds 2 new LaptopConnect devices sporting GPS & speed
AT&T customers still holding tight to their current LaptopConnect devices may want to check out the two new models making their way onto AT&T's lineup. The USBConnect Velocity from Option is the first AT&T LaptopConnect device that features a much welcomed built-in GPS to allow users to work with location based services such as Yahoo Maps and Microsoft's Bing search engine. As far as being able to keep track of wandering employees, enterprise users can opt to use something like TeleNav Track Lite and Xora GPS Locator to check up on field employees and make sure they're at the location they say they are. The second device is the USBConnect Turbo which is manufactured by LG and features some blazing connections with 7.2Mbps HSPA connectivity all packed in its slim form factor. Fortunately, both units adds some memory expandability for users by acting as a USB storage device via its built-in microSD slot. Another plus for AT&T customers is that these devices won't be too costly – the Turbo will be made available for free after rebates while the Velocity will set you back a mere $29.99 after all rebates are concerned.

source: AT&T via BGR


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1. omarc26

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only if at&t 3G was good its a shame its crap over here on los angeles.. i get 300-500 kbps with 5 bars of 3G. n no i dont have an iphone i have the at&t usb connect mercury i use it on my laptop . its very rare when i get more..and its not like i live in the middle of nowhere i live right in the city in downtown LA i cant wait for the t-mobile web connect jet that does 21 mbps .. thats 3 times faster than what at&t has to offer...

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