AT&T Wireless to offer unlimited calling plan

AT&T Wireless to offer unlimited calling plan
Following the just officially announced Verizon Wireless plans for unlimited calling, AT&T followed suite and announced their own ones. The new offer is extended to all new and existing customers which for $99 get unlimited U.S calling with no domestic roaming or long distance charges. Just like the Verizon Wireless offering, that plan does not include unlimited data or SMS. For those, you have to shell out extra cash.

The new plan will be available starting Feb 22nd. Now it is a matter of time before T-mobile also announces its plans for unlimited calling.

Source: AT&T (via BoyGeniousReport - thank you Patrick)



1. t-huff unregistered

i know good ideas have to be copied...but seriously....two providers following one great idea within the span of 2 days....obviously we know who everyone is trying to beat....verizon keeps paving the way....the rest continue to follow.

2. unregistered

Seeing how ATT actually did the unlimited thing first on their old TDMA plans, I'm not sure how verizon is leading anything.

3. unregistered

Shut up... do they offer an unlimited plan right now?? NO! Verizon came out with it first so you have no room to talk!

4. unregistered

verizon sucks, that's why at/t is the largest cellphone provider! not only that but verizon phones suck! anyone who is with verizon is getting taken for a ride. i used to be with verizon but no more! too bad you can't use nokia n95, 72, 96, ...or any of the new cool samsungs with verizon. too bad!

5. David A unregistered

sorry to rain on you blog battle parade, but your actually just both wrong. Sprint had the unlimited plan over a week before verizon, att, and tmobile announced theres. i dont see why your all complaining your carrier ripped off sprint, so you both can sit in shame of being wrong, sense apparently being right about your phone carrier is the most important thing in the world. and by the way, all carriers suck.

6. unregistered

The only reason at&t is the biggest provider is they have 13 million track phone users on there network.Take those away and they are competing with sprint for# 2.

7. unregistered

who ever wrote number 7's comment thank you

8. tracy unregistered

An Article posted on ON FEB 6 states sprint is offering unlimited for $119 but only in certain area but i callled customer service and got a free and clear unlimited plan for $95. so the other carriers followed after no need to cry down sprint

9. tracy unregistered

correction to date FEB 7 sorry that plan consists of unlimited callin text messages, web browsing, email and pic mail and also depends on if u have a pda phones u have to add a seperate data plan especially for bberryor smartphone depends on who u speak to may work they way around it to offer a dicount on ur plan goodluck getting your plan

10. unregistered

really suncom was the 1st carrier to offer unlmited then alltel followed with their version of unlimited 3yrs ago.

11. unregistered

all because trac phone decided to use at&t network for service just shows that they know what will work because they couldv'e choose verizon or sprint for their network.

12. steviecrackberry unregistered

Actually Nextel had an unlimited plan for $99.99 in 1998

13. darkness unregistered

fIRST OF ALL, #5 IS AWESOME! Thank you, all carriers do suck! Secondly, having a blog battle is just idiotic and it's for nerds! by the way # 11, AT&T would not be competing with Sprint for the #2 spot because Verizon has the second largest customer base. One more thing, If you need an unlimited plan you probably need to get a life besides the life you spend talking on the phone unlimitedly!!! Bunch of dumb-asses!!!!

14. steviecrackberry unregistered

I rather use a tin can and a string attached than to use VZW phones...

15. T-HUFF unregistered


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