AT&T Plus offers premium service for AT&T customers

AT&T Plus offers premium service for AT&T customers
With competition in the mobile carrier business so cutthroat, it is every carrier for itself. AT&T is responding by testing out a premium service called AT&T Plus. The service has launched in a few key markets like Minneapolis and Houston; while it is a free trial now, it is assumed that eventually AT&T will start asking for some extra cash to join.

We'd love to give you a long laundry list of extras that membership to AT&T conveys upon you. We'd love to, but we can't. Right now, the only perks are a dedicated customer service number and a 25% discount on all AT&T phone accessories, not including anything branded Apple. Also, members can add a new lines of service for new devices with no activation fees. Lastly, members get a $10 Starbucks gift card, presumably to get that caffeine in their system so they can stay up late at night and make calls on their AT&T phone.

Will AT&T roll this program out nationwide? Judging from a comment made by an AT&T executive to The Verge,
it is a possibilty. The executive said, "Based on what our customers tell us, it may be something we look to roll out more widely in the future. It’s an example of our ongoing efforts to deliver a great experience for our customers."

source: TheVerge via SlashGear

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