AT&T may launch extra 5G pricing models, like low-latency one for gamers

The funny thing with 5G is that it can be different things for different people. Apart from faster download speeds, it will also sport better coverage density for many times more devices on a tower than 4G fits now and will intro one wonderful new development... low latency.

That is exactly what AT&T may be banking on when it said that it is still mulling what pricing models to add for its 5G services to the existing monthly fee options. At least one carrier exec who is in charge of wireless and video for end users thinks that AT&T may have cracked the code.

The current models, where service is either included in the price of the device, like with Samsung's SmartThings tracker you see in the video above that costs $99 with a year of connectivity included, or where it's simply added to the monthly bill, like with Apple's Watch, will probably remain, said the exec. 

"There‚Äôs certainly an opportunity for new consumer consumption models," quipped AT&T's David Christopher. As one example, which made us all ears, he cited "a specific pricing tier related to low-latency video gaming services." This certainly sounds like we are about to get nickel-and-dimed for every brave new feature 5G will bring to the table.



1. Acdc1a

Posts: 473; Member since: Jan 21, 2016

Translation- "We're going to find every way possible to squeeze you out of every dime possible."

2. Rigmaster

Posts: 234; Member since: Jan 22, 2018

I love it. People will move from complaining about the cost of high-end phones to the cost of using them on their networks. Again....

3. gamehead unregistered

This is my dilemma. My phone is old and I want to get a new one this year, but I have a feeling 5G ones will launch next year.

4. superguy

Posts: 448; Member since: Jul 15, 2011

Ask yourself - what will 5G give you that 4G isn't already giving you? And will it even be available where you are in a reasonable time frame? If you can give yourself a good justification based on something other than hype or want, then plan your actions accordingly. Perhaps try to get a little longer out of your phone if it's otherwise working well. On the other hand, if you can't come up with something other than hype (which may not be delivered - at least at first) or want (gotta have the latest and greatest even if I can't use it right away), you may want to take the "do nothing" approach and see how things shake out - both from an equipment and carrier perspective. You'll be no worse off than you are now. So unless that's killing you ...

5. gamehead unregistered

Faster speeds and considering I'm in ATL I'll probably be one of the first to get 5G (we already have Google Fiber I believe).

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