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AMD roadmap leaked: Hondo chip targets Windows 8 tablets

AMD roadmap leaked: Hondo chip targets Windows 8 tablets
Just last month AMD introduced its Desna chip for tablets, which is in production currently with two Bobcat CPU cores and Evergreen Graphics, but the chip maker plans to step up its tablet game even more in 2012 with a chip called “Hondo,” targetting a launch along with Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system, according to AMD's roadmap leaked on Turkish tech site DonanimHaber.

The low-power Hondo promises dual Bobcat cores with support for DirectX11 graphics working at 2W app power, twice as low as the Desna chip, but most importantly it's to start sampling to partners in December with production expected to follow in the second quarter of 2012. The SoC also promises efficient battery management with power-optimized cores. 

The 40-nm Hondo chip is expected to seamlessly process 720p HD videos, and in addition it will also be designed for use in fanless architectures, which should translate into less heat. AMD's roadmap also hints at the upcoming Samara chip for tablets in 2013 with lower TDP and next-gen graphics, so Microsoft might have just found a worthy hardware partner, don't you think? Check out the pictures below for all the fine details.


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