A ton of classic SEGA soundtracks now available on Spotify


Sega has just added a ton of classic video game tunes to Spotify. It's a massive list that contains entire soundtracks from many iconic Sega titles from the last 25 years. That means everything from energetic Sonic the hedgehog shred fests, to epic compositions from Skies of Arcadia, to groovy jams from Jet Set Radio, and a lot more in between.

And when we say a lot more, we do mean a whole lot more. We are talking abut both Space Harrier games, Fantasy Zone, the PS2 Shinobi titles, OutRun, NiGHTS, Virtua Fighter, and even newer stuff like Samurai Bloodshow and Rhythm Thief.

Sega is known for including awesome soundtracks in its games, but it's just easy to forget how many great songs there are in all these titles. Even if you didn't grow up playing Sega, we would still encourage you to at least check the company's page on Spotify (linked below). And if you remember some of these games from when you were young, then prepare for an awesome trip down memory lane with extremely catchy tunes to boot!

source: Sega

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