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A second webOS phone to come out this year?

This article contains unofficial information.
A second webOS phone to come out this year?
Tired of waiting for the Pre to come out? Well, we’ll have to disappoint you if you’ve been biting your nails for yet another possible release date. Instead, there’s a rumor about something much cooler actually, at least in our opinion. It is said that a phone, similar to the Pre, has been in development by Palm for some time now. The source also gives a few extra details about it. In terms of appearance, the "Mini-Pre" as the source calls it, is to be smaller than its popular brother, but it is still unclear whether or not it would sport a hardware QWERTY keyboard. However, one thing is for sure – if such a device really exists, it will undoubtedly utilize Palm’s brand new webOS. The word has it the “Mini-Pre” is to come out as early as this fall, but we suppose it´s more likely we see it around the end of the year.

source: TechCrunch


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